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Assalamualykum V.V.V.

Members of Manubar Welfare Society U.K. and respected village members living in U.K. are sending salaams to respected members in U.K. Canada, USA, Africa, UAE, Middle East, New Zealand, and living in our native Manubar.

You have provided support through donation, and physical means whenever needed, be it in a form of setting up a project, or maintaining a project or even supporting Welfare causes, and only through your support Manubar is the ideal village in the Bharuch district.

Following is one of the testimonies by a family from Tankaria, who visited recently;
We liked Manubar very much out of all villages we have visited, it is well set up and cleaner than other villages.

You can also see fruits of your donation, effort and duas, click Achievements.

We have Yuvak Mandal High School and Higher Secondary in the heart of our academic institution, which provides education to our youth to go and achieve higher things in life.

Please contact us via or by calling Shabbirbhai Ugradar (Secretary) on 07877475143 to arrange your donations for the Manubar Drainage Project, Inner road paving system, High School renovation project and many other village schemes.

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